Maple Grove Cemetery History

The first death recorded in what is now Plymouth Township was that of a widow lady named Hanan in spring 1807. It is not known where she was buried. The oldest marker observed in a 1930 survey of Maple Grove Cemetery was in the 11th row of the old section. This belonged to Nancy White, who passed away on January 16, 1815.

The old section of the cemetery was deeded to Plymouth Township in 1852 and was either a gift from, or purchased from, the Strong family who owned the four corners at State Road and Plymouth Ridge Road. In 1867 the parcel adjoining to the north was either purchased or gifted from the same farm, owned at that time by the J.W. Rockwell family. An additional L-shaped parcel bounding the north and west sides was deeded in 1888 from the same Rockwell family. The last parcel making up the 3.37 acre cemetery came from the same original farm in 1905, which was owned then by the Hudie family.

Plots in these 3.37 acres had been nearly sold out for several years, and the township trustees had sought to acquire adjoining land . The township was finally successful in purchasing .95 acres at the southwest corner of the State Road/Plymouth Ridge Road intersection.

Burial lots are available in Plymouth Township at a cost of $250.00 for residents and $400.00 for non-residents.

Cemetery Forms