Plymouth Township is home to three of Ashtabula County’s 19 covered bridges.

Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge

The Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge lies 93 feet above the Ashtabula River and is located on State Road South. It was built during 2007-2008 and is named after former Ashtabula County Engineer John Smolen. It is the longest covered bridge in the United States, with a length of 613 feet.


Olin Covered Bridge

The Olin Covered Bridge crosses the Ashtabula River and is located on Dewey Road. The bridge was built in 1873 and was upgraded in 1985. The Olin Covered Bridge is the only historic covered bridge in the county that is named after a local family.

The Riverview Bridge

This bridge is 150′ long and 14′ wide, making it one of the county’s larger bridges, yet it carries only pedestrian traffic. It mirrors the Pratt arch design of it’s big brother, Smolen-Gulf, which rises above the pedestrian structure. Both cross the Ashtabula River at Indian Trails Park. Riverview, dedicated in 2016, provides exercise trails and a place to enjoy the beautiful river scenery.